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Turn Clicks into Clients

Transform casual website visitors into valuable leads and customers with interactive calculators that engage and convert.

Wow Your Visitors

Create personalized, interactive experiences that captivate your audience and build lasting trust in your brand.

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Stand out in your market with cutting-edge calculators that showcase your expertise and keep you ahead of the curve.

From Idea to Implementation

Step #1: Get Started

Kick Off: Templates, AI, or From Scratch

With our intuitive drag-and-drop builder, customizing your calculator is a breeze.

Choose a Template:
Select from a variety of pre-built templates to get started quickly.
Build from Scratch:
Start with a blank canvas and create your calculator from the ground up.
Create with AI:
Let our AI generate a custom calculator tailored to your needs.
Step #2: Add Logic

Add Advanced Logic and Formulas

Conditional Logic:
Dynamically show or hide fields based on user inputs.
Custom Formulas:
Use math.js for powerful and simple calculations.
Advanced Elements:
Add features like layered images, segment output and value lookup.
Step #3: Design

Tailor Design to Your Brand

Customize the design of your calculator to ensure it fits perfectly with your brand and website.

Step #4: Publish

Publish Across Platforms in Seconds

Quickly make your calculator live, whether you have a website or not.

Embed Anywhere:
Copy and paste one line of code to embed your calculator on any webpage.
Direct Publishing:
No website? Publish directly from our platform and share the link.
Step #5: Capture Leads and Automate

Capture Leads and Automate Effortlessly

Capture Leads:
Collect user information through your calculator.
Automate Emails:
Send follow-up messages to your respondents or yourself.
Zapier Integration:
Connect to over 4000+ apps for seamless automation.
Built-In Tools:
Integrate with Google Sheets, Webhooks, Google Tag Manager, etc.

Integrate with your workflows

Easily connect other web apps with Activecalculator so they seamlessly work together to share information, automate workflows and enhance your customer experience.

Templates that works

Get a jumpstart on building your web pages and newsletters! Choose a design that fits your business needs and make it your own. Our drag & drop editors make it super easy for anyone to customize templates like a pro.

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